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Professional avalanche certification in a new, Idaho-based location now available for the 2017-2018 winter season.

Course Information

This 3-day ski-on practical training and certification program will take you on an all-day backcountry terrain experience in a small group setting. Through the situational awareness approach and professional guidance, you will learn the snow science, assess the conditions of the terrain and use scientific grade equipment effectively to ski powder most days.

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Snow Science

If you are a new or an experienced ski enthusiast, this course will teach you how to apply the scientific grade tools to enjoy most days in the backcountry. You will learn to recognize the evidence of instability and make decisions based on the information gathered.

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Dual Certifications

This unique program allows you to earn two certifications after a completed 3-day course. Companion rescue included. Online pre-course work required.

  1. AIARE Certification
  2. AAA Certified Instructor

Pricing & Dates

Courses can be booked as AIARE Level 1 or 2.
Price: $825 per person | Inquire for group rates.

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Mores Creek Summit, approximately one hour from Boise Airport via ID-21.

Daily flights from Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Chicago, Minneapolis, Phoenix

What’s Included

  • Magnifier with a crystal card
  • AIARE Field Book
  • Digital Probe Thermometer
  • Rescue Module (New AIARE)
  • 3 days of glade skiing

About the Instructor

Santiago Chago Rodriguez

Chago, an AAA PRO instructor for SAS, AAA Certified Instructor, AIARE Level 1 and 2 Course Leader, started his journey as an avalanche educator back in 1998. His Control & System Dynamics Engineer background attracted him to soak in everything snow science related. In 2013, Chago left Corporate America behind, to pursue a PhD in Geophysics and snow science from Boise State University, where he is a Cryosphere (frozen water) researcher. Chago holds an AAI and AIARE Level 3 avalanche certification and has completed the AMGA Ski Guide course. When not in the classroom studying snow, Chago can be found skiing it – from his backyard in the Mores Creek Summit, to the Silverton and Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, Andes of Chile and Argentina, or the Pyrenees in Spain and Andorra.

skype: chago.skiguide

Santiago Rodriguez, Course Leader

Let’s Ski Pilots!

Across the map of central Idaho sprawls a vast expanse of mountains and canyons the size of a small Eastern state—and the comparison ends there. Here, instead of millions of people screaming at each other in traffic, you’ll find only few paved roads and a handful of scattered, one-stoplight towns with barely enough people to have a decent argument.

Near the southern end of this area, on ID 21 between Idaho City and Lowman, sits a mountain pass a bit over 6,100 feet called Mores Creek Summit. Unless you live within an hour or two, you’ve probably never heard of it. Assuming you are not among the statistically insignificant number of people who search Mapquest for the most direct route from Idaho City to Stanley—in fact, the only route—you would have absolutely no compelling reason for driving over it. You’re more likely to hit a bear out here than another vehicle. (I’ve come close.) Michael Lanza, The Big Outside

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